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  • Body Language

    by Sarah Wolfman 

    As a Somatic Therapist, the statement I hear most frequently from a client is “I wish to feel comfortable in my own skin.”

    I am endlessly fascinated with the subject of the body and all of its knowings.  Specifically its ability and desire to self-heal from physical, emotional and developmental trauma.

    Bodies shift rather quickly once we understand its language.  We are instinctual beings that feel, respond and reflect.  Bodies speak through sensation, behavior and even posture. Using the felt-sense [sight/sound/smell/taste/touch],  bodies provide a ‘heads-up’ to our brains reporting our inner and outer experiences if we are willing to listen. 

    Every facet of our being is wrapped in malleable tissue called fascia, which molds our body systems.  This tissue helps our systems to function and balance no matter what is going on around us.  Resilient structures, our bodies are innately designed to heal from even the deepest traumas.


    -You are exactly where you need to be to learn the language of the body. 

    -Unlocking the shackles of chronic pain by moving with ease and dynamism.

    -Exploring thoughts, sensations, behavior and emotions with curiosity and compassion.

    Human ability to self-heal is nothing short of a miracle.  Our bodies provide depth, direction and drive to attune and align with our heart’s deepest desires.

    In transforming trauma, we have an opportunity to include the body and further understand our evolutionary destiny. This language of vitality is our deepest expression of our abilities to survive and thrive. 

    Somatic sessions are playful and weave together methods to restore health in our joints, posture, movement and behavior.

    If your wish is to feel comfortable in your own skin, I have a question for you..

    What are you waiting for?

    Sarah Wolfman is a Somatic Therapist at the Mind Body Co-op.

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