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  • Dance Movement Therapy (DMT)

    Dance Movement Therapy (DMT)

    Dance movement therapy (DMT) is a modality within the creative arts therapies. DMT is a psychotherapeutic approach to healing that uses movement and nonverbal expression to integrate the mind, body, and spirit. This practice promotes opportunity to reestablish connection and trust within the body while valuing the individual’s physical and mental safety. Through one’s exploration of movements, they can begin to create a new relationship with their body through corrective emotional movement experiences, thus impacting the mind and the spirit. If you are looking to heal and find relief in your mind and body while incorporating your creativity, then DMT is for you. If you are looking to identify, express, and modulate your current emotional and internal experiences, then DMT will move you towards positive change and provide you with so much more!

    Please reach Natiya Lozano, MA, MS, LPC, RDMT & Dance Movement Therapist and Psychotherapist here for further information!