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  • How Affirmations Can Help Your Mental Health

    How Affirmations Can Help Your Mental Health

    The use of affirmations has become somewhat of a pop-psychology phenomenon in recent years, but there is scientific evidence that supports the use of affirmations for supporting mental health. The continued repetition of certain thoughts over time has been proven to change your brain, your cells, and even your genes, which is done via neuroplasticity. Essentially, through positive affirmations, individuals can rewire certain thoughts. According to a 2016 study, self affirmations can work to help individuals become more resilient in the face of situations that may be threatening to their mental health. 

    Positive affirmations can be a wonderful way to start the day, check in with yourself during stressful moments, as well as help wind down negative thoughts at the end of the day. All of that being said, it’s important to recognize that affirmations alone may not be sufficient in treating someone experiencing extreme mental distress — they are not a cure-all. Without pairing affirmations with action, the idea can slide into the detrimental territory of “toxic positivity”.

    Here are some positive affirmations to use when experiencing stress or anxiety:

    1. I am peace, peace is within me, peace is all around me.
    2. In this moment, I am safe and secure.
    3. I am present.
    4. I take things one day at a time.
    5. I am doing my best.
    6. I am more than my job.
    7. I am enough.

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