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  • Learn a few things about the world of Somatic Therapy!

    The following is a breakdown of  some new Somatic Therapy techniques– their purpose and their usage– brought to you by our own Sarah Wolfman, compiled and edited by Casey Pilkenton. 

    Somatic therapy is a holistic, therapeutic approach which studies the relationship between the mind and body with a focus on psychological healing. With Springtime knocking on our doors and fresh starts ripe for the picking, we thought it would be a great time to share a bit more about the world of Somatic therapy!

    Sarah has now been trained in new techniques to assist healing and repair in areas of developmental/birth trauma, inescapable attacks, global high intensity activation and renegotiation of falls.

      The primary treatment focus for pre and perinatal trauma is to create a solid ‘somatic container’ via *touch, stabilization of nervous system swings and developing new survival strategies. This touch technique is practiced fully clothed and either on a table, chair or comfy pillows.
    *Touch: “This technique was initially designed to treat individuals affected by Attachment Disorders and Developmental trauma.  Its uses, however, are broadening as a way to help teach the body more quickly how to drop into neurological regulation.  This biological regulation is essential to emotional stability.  Overall it is a method that leads to faster relief of stress symptoms by intervening at a physical level.  Then, talk therapy can be more effective once the body is more stable.  Research shows that our fears and emotions hold in our system when we tighten or brace our body leading to less openness both physically and emotionally.  When we change the body’s functioning, then, the mind follows.” Kathy L Kain
    • Second area: INESCAPABLE ATTACK
      The primary treatment focus for inescapable attacks is ‘active defense’ and empowerment.
      Global High Intensity Activation occurs when the body is flooded with sensations and/or emotions that are overwhelming and difficult if not impossible to escape from. The primary focus is on stabilization, regulation and lowering reactivity.  The goal is to track and interrupt the reactive pattern and reorganize the nervous system.Includes:

      • Any situations that compromise breathing (i.e. near drowning, suffocation, choking)
      • Sustained High Stress
      • Any trauma that shocks and activates the entire body
        •      Hallucination
        •      Lightening strike or electrocution
        •     Psychosis or schizophrenia
        •      Near death Experience
    • Fourth area: RENEGOTIATING FALLS
      The primary treatment for renegotiating falls is to complete the incomplete response; to have the time to do the movements that got interrupted due to the speed of the fall.  This repair restores balance in form and movement.

    If you would like to find out more about Somatic Therapy and schedule an appointment, please visit the Reiki & Somatic Movement page on our website.


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