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  • Medical Nutritional Counseling

    Medical Nutritional Counseling

    “Today there’s simply too much noise around the issues of food, hunger, and eating for us to listen to our own bodies. We live in a world that’s decided to define food as “good” or “bad,” a world that encourages us to ignore our hunger and fullness signals in favor of continually seeking out the Holy Grail of thinness, or to use food to fill needs that have nothing to do with sustenance.” – Linda Bacon, PhD, Health At Every Size


    Food is a powerful healer and an essential piece of maintaining health. While the nutrients we get from food are very important, our relationship with food is equally meaningful. At Mind Body Co-op, we focus on a holistic approach to food that places a balanced emphasis on functional nutrition and how you interact emotionally with food, including how you’ve come to interpret (and even embody) the messages you’ve gotten from a culture obsessed with diet-fads and beauty “ideals.” 

    Eating Disorder Specialists

    Eating Disorders are not a choice, a behavior problem or a lack of willpower. They are a biological illness that is influenced by genetics and the environments we are exposed to, including the culture we live in. Eating disorders affect more than 28.8 million people in the United States alone, including every gender, class, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. People in all types of bodies can have an eating disorder, with varying symptom behaviors that impact quality of life.  

    When it comes to treating your eating disorder, it is important that you approach your relationship to food and your body with compassion and curiosity. Nutrition counseling at Mind Body Co-op is approached with a Health At Every Size philosophy, which celebrates body diversity while nourishing the whole person. Our Registered Dietitian takes care to use evidence-centered best practices that are trauma-informed and focused on helping you feel more at peace with food. Recovery is possible. Let us support you on your journey. 

    Healing for Chronic Conditions 

    Navigating chronic illness can feel confusing, overwhelming, and at times hopeless. Many people living with chronic conditions (e.g. spoonies) report feeling invalidated and misunderstood by medical professionals. These experiences can lead to treatment burnout and declining mental health, which only adds to suffering. 

    Integrative medical nutrition therapy at Mind Body Co-op offers an approach to healing that starts with two key components: validation and time. You are the expert on your lived experience, and it takes time to understand your complex and unique story. Together we explore your root cause(s) of illness, in contrast to the symptom management model often found in our Western medical system. Nutrition, supplement, and somatic interventions are then implemented to support better whole-body functioning. These therapies can work in conjunction with any other treatments to provide you more comprehensive care. 

    Weaving it All Together 

    Food is something we have to make choices about every day, multiple times per day. These choices don’t have to feel overwhelming or confusing. Whether you are seeking support for an eating disorder, chronic illness, or any combination thereof, we have a nutrition expert on your side. It’s time to weed out the noise and focus on what is truly best for your body, your life.

    Conditions that may benefit from Medical Nutrition Therapy:

    Depression, anxiety, panic disorder, eating disorders and disordered eating (including binge eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, ARFID, and OSFED),chronic pain, migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, PCOS, diabetes, ulcerative colitis, celiac disease, Chron’s disease, fibromyalgia, Ehlers Danlos syndrome, Lupus, and other autoimmune diseases, food sensitivities and intolerances, adrenal fatigue, cardiovascular disease, digestive disorders (IBS), hormonal imbalances, infertility, eczema & psoriasis. 


    Individual Nutrition Therapy/Counseling

    Intuitive Eating Counseling 

    Meal Planning and Support

    Functional Lab Testing

    Targeted Nutrition Supplementation 

    Grocery Shopping and Cooking Skills


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    Meet MBC’s Integrative Dietitian/Nutritionist, Lindsay Midura, RDN, LD, RYT

    “Our relationship with food is the most consistent and intimate connection we have in our lifetime. Like many important relationships, how we connect and interact with food can become confusing, overwhelming and complicated. Do you find yourself lost among mixed messages of how to care for your health? Are you struggling with your health and want to find a sustainable way to use food as a healing tool? Maybe you’ve noticed an increased fixation on food or your body that is draining and distracting from what’s important to you. Or you feel so out of control around food that you’re desperate for help.

    Peace with food and your body is possible for you.

    You deserve support on your path to food freedom. I specialize in helping people overcome food and body challenges with a nourishing and sustainable approach that offers hope and healing in a culture that leaves many burnt out and confused among mixed messages of how to care for their health. It is through my personal experience navigating illness within the medical-industrial complex that my passion for personalized nutrition solutions emerged. You have a one-of-a-kind story that deserves to be met with compassion. It is my goal to work alongside you as partners-in-health, with my expertise in nutrition and your expertise in your lived experience, we can journey together towards food freedom and harmony in mind, body, and spirit.”

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