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  • Special Events

    Special Events

    Holiday Support Group: Give Yourself the Gifts of Food Freedom and Better Body Image this Holiday Season!

    MBC is offering a 10-week group for extra support over the holiday season around diet talk, body talk, body image, and food freedom.

    The holidays can be a joyful time of celebration, that can quickly turn stressful with diet and body talk, among busy schedules and other festive expectations. It may be a weight loss challenge offered at work, your mom over-sharing about her new diet, someone commenting on what you have on your plate, the list could go on and on.

    The holiday season can unfortunately be an extra challenging time for someone who’s in recovery from an eating disorder or has decided to say no to diets and rebuild their relationship to food and their body. No matter your story, we all are worthy of some added support when navigating talk about weight, diets, and bodies.

    Join MBC’s Lindsay Midura, RDN, LD, RYT & Katrina LoBue Ed.S LCPC as they create a space for food freedom and better body image during this holiday season. Here are the topics to look forward to each week:

    💫 Intros, Hopes, Values, and Intentions
    💫 Debriefing after Thanksgiving, Self-care and Self-Compassion, and Connecting the Mind and Body
    💫 Body Image and Body Liberation
    💫 Boundary Setting, Navigating Diet Talk Around the Holidays
    💫 Intuitive Eating, Mindful Eating, and Practicing Permission
    💫 Diet-Culture and the Anti-Diet Approach
    💫 Values vs Resolutions
    💫 Embodiment
    💫 Taking Up Space and Empowerment
    💫 Reflections & Closing

    Please fill out this form to get started or reach to schedule an intake assessment or ask any questions!

    Parent Support Seminar: Navigating your changing parent-child relationship

    Do your tweens/teens struggle to manage their emotions, have trouble calming down when upset or angry, seem to have little self-control, are impulsive, or seem to be bouncing off the walls? Are you noticing isolation or an inability to talk about feelings? These kinds of behaviors can be frustrating and often illustrate an inability to self-regulate. Have your kids expressed interest in their identity and/or sexuality but you’re not sure what to say? This workshop will be an opportunity to learn more about co-regulation, identity work, queerness, shame and interpersonal effectiveness to get some fun, concrete strategies and tools of things you can do to help and support your child. This is meant for parents with kids ages 10-17. Register here!


    • Interpersonal effectiveness
    • Shame
    • Co-regulation
    • Identity Work
    • Queerness


    • Encourage connection and understanding in your family
    • Engage in more honest communication
    • Become more confident as a tween/teen parent 
    • Be realistic about parenting
    • Take care of yourself, too!

    MBC’s Past Happenings:

    Animals for Wellness: Animal-Assisted Therapy, Service Animals, & Emotional Support Animals

    MBC is looking forward to presenting on animal-assisted therapy, service animals, and emotional support animals on Wednesday, November 3rd from 7:00pm-8:30pm with National Association of Asian American Professionals – Chicago! 🐶🐱🦜

    Join our community self-care for FREE by registering here:

    Mind Body Co-op’s Wind Down Wednesday

    Flow with Heather Bell, LCPC, RYT for an hour-long series of therapeutic, trauma-informed yoga in the heart of the city!

    We will be meeting at MBC’s favorite yoga spot in Millennium Park – Lurie Garden (220 E Monroe St.) at 7 pm on Wednesday, September 22nd to flow together surrounded by wildflowers & butterflies with a view of skyscrapers above. End your Hump Day by slowing down & melting into the fresh grass for a trauma-informed sensory experience. Register with this link!

    Please bring your own yoga mat, water bottle, and wear comfortable clothes you can stretch in. If you have any questions, you can reach Heather directly at Looking forward to moving with you outdoors again soon! 🧘🧘‍♂️

    Kayaking Adventure Therapy: Mindfulness Through Movement

    Mind Body Co-op’s First Annual Teamin’ Up for Mental Health!

    Let’s feel like a team again! Join MBC for a friendly competition among mental health providers to get out of your chairs & back outdoors! Grab your team & let’s go! Teamin’ Up for Mental Health will be a friendly outdoor, socially-distanced & masked competition among colleagues to connect & have some fun!

    We will be coming together at Chicago’s Riis Park (6100 W. Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60639) on Friday, May 21st from 3pm-5pm to play Newcomb Ball (see more on that below), see some friendly faces, re-connect with colleagues & share the lastest happenings in your world. Bring your colleagues (we know that now includes your WFH crew, bring them, too!), your “baddest” team names & expect to see your favorite local food trucks stopping by.

    Newcomb is a team sport inspired from volleyball but with much simplified game rules. Here are the facts:

    • Newcomb is volleyball played with throwing and catching
    • All ages, abilities, shapes & sizes can play
    • Teams are 6-9 people (you may register as an individual & we will put you on a team)
    • More on the official rules here.

    *All team registration fees will be donated to NAMI Chicago.

    Stay tuned for further information & registration details or reach out to with all questions or concerns!

    Cooking with the Seasons: Virtual Spring Cooking Class

    Learn the basic principles of Five Element nutrition & how to make a few easy recipes to support your body as we welcome in springtime with Sue! Suggested $25 donation or pay what you can.

    Winter Wellness: Mindful Movement Series

    We’re taking care of ourselves this winter by moving mindfully a few times each week through different approaches including yoga, somatic mindfulness & movement, dance, & gentle stretching. We will be running 3 virtual sessions each week from January-March. We are starting by focusing on nurturing & nourishing our bodies this week through loving movement! Register here!

    Embodying Self-Compassion: Virtual Somatic Showcase

    Mind Body Co-op invites Mental Health, Recovery & Wellness Professionals to our Virtual Somatic Showcase! Join other professionals for an exclusive complimentary opportunity to explore & experience all of the ways MBC brings movement to the therapeutic process!