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    We are continually open to new team members joining us on our mission to help our clients reconnect and heal their body, mind and spirit and live their best lives. Currently, we are looking for , a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors, and a Licensed Acupuncturist.

    Mind Body Co-op (MBC) is a group of clinicians who strive to bring excellent service and care to a wide range of clients. Our clinicians have an extensive variety of focus and specialization oriented in individual and group psychotherapeutic services directly related to traumatic stress (including childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect and other parental or caretaker abuse, sexual assault, PTSD, dissociative disorders, etc.), relationship struggles, somatic disorders, chemical as well as process addictions, anxiety, depression, attachment/family or origin issues, LGBTQ relationships and issues related to grief and loss.

    Here at MBC, we have a solid referral base that recognizes our unique approach to helping clients heal emotionally, cognitively, and physically from the symptoms of psychological stress, trauma, and addiction. MBC offers a strong admin team that offers support in credentialing, billing, practice-level and individual marketing, weekly supervision with peers, and extensive client relations support.

    Therapists in the practice are encouraged to pursue their own unique interests, populations, and specialties, but are all required to have a dedication to and experience with treating trauma survivors, addiction and eating disorders from a holistic perspective. Therapists must be committed to the following core values of the practice:

    • Trauma Centered
    • Emphasis on Community and Consultation
    • External Professional Engagement
    • Wounded Healer Philosophy – A strong belief at MBC is that we, as therapists, engage in the work that we ask of our patients. This includes the willingness to engage in our own individual psychological work, If we facilitate a group, then we are a member of a group, etc. Supporting others requires support for ourselves.

    Mind Body Co-op is always looking for skilled clinicians, so if you didn’t see a position listed that fits your background, please contact our Human Resources Manager, Sandy Parker.

    Our Values

    • We value strong, healthy, and meaningful relationships with our clients. We provide a variety of opportunities for group healing in addition to individual healing and model healthy relationships among our staff and community.
    • We value an atmosphere that provides opportunities for a variety of somatic and psychotherapy healing options for our clients and our team. We believe in providing a safe environment for healing.
    • We value diversity. We recruit and hire clinicians and staff of varying backgrounds, beliefs, and specialties to better service the diverse and unique experiences of our clients. We value the benefit of offering multi-lingual services to clients in their healing journey.
    • We value the importance of education. We believe in training the next generation of healthcare providers in an integrative mental and physical health model through graduate training, workshops, and community outreach.  We invest in retaining quality healthcare providers by providing continuing education for our staff through in-house training and supporting Continuing Education Units (CEU) opportunities.