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  • Blueprint-Health and Symptom Relief

    Blueprint-Health and Symptom Relief

    Using Blueprint to Support Your Mental Health Journey

    At Mind Body Co-op, we know that people decide to go to therapy for a variety of reasons and we also recognize you want to feel better!  We use Blueprint-Health, an online assessment tool, to empower clients to stay connected to their care plan and track progress in between sessions. Here are some of the ways Blueprint can support you on your mental health journey.

    Keep track of how you’re feeling in between sessions

    In your Blueprint account, you’ll have access to a daily journal you can use to keep track of notes between your sessions at Mind Body Co-op. You then have the option of reviewing your journal collaboratively with your therapist, nutritionist or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner during your next session.

    Objectively measure progress toward your goals

    Blueprint allows your Mind Body Co-op therapist to administer clinical assessments to help measure how you’re progressing toward your personal treatment goals. The results from assessments can be seen in helpful graph formats to track long-term progress.

    There are three ways you can send information to your Clinician using Blueprint; Assessments, Check-Ins, and Phone Sensor Data.


    Assessments are validated symptom rating scales (such as the PHQ-9, GAD-7). Your Clinician will which Assessments they’d like you to take, as well as set their frequency for completion.

    When they are ready to be completed, you’ll receive alerts and/or reminders to complete them via the Blueprint Client App, email, or text message based on the communication settings you have set in your Notification settings within Blueprint.


    Check-ins are a way for you to touch base with your Clinician by recording thoughts and/or feelings outside of official Assessments, and usually done on a more frequent basis.

    If your Clinician assigns you a Check-In, you can set your own preferred cadence/frequency to complete them in Blueprint. Even outside of your set notification frequency, Check-In(s) will always be available for you to complete whenever you would like.

    Phone Sensor Data

    If you choose to enable it, Phone Sensor Data is automatically collected via your phone using the Health app, Motion & Fitness, and Location, if enabled. This includes data about homestay, travel time, steps, and distance.

    Together, Check-Ins and Phone Sensor Data provide your Clinician with insight into how certain aspects of your lifestyle correlate with any symptoms you may be experiencing, and how it relate to your care over time. Phone Sensor Data can only be collected if the Blueprint Client App is installed on your phone and appropriate access is given to the app to collect data.

    Apply what you’re learning in therapy

    Blueprint allows you to stay connected to your care plan between sessions with your clinician. There are options to complete worksheets and practice skills you and your therapist worked on during a session. Using those skills outside of the therapy room will help you live your best life and feel better!

    How Blueprint Has Supported Mind Body Co-op Clients

    Feel better @MBC by using Blueprint Health

    Interested in adding Blueprint to your mental health journey? Schedule an appointment with an MBC clinician here.