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    Marketing Internship

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    Are you a student or recent graduate looking to gain hands-on experience in social media marketing?  Do you struggle to find opportunities that provide real-world experience?  It can be challenging to break into the field without relevant experience, leaving many feeling stuck and unsure of how to kickstart their career in social media marketing.  Without practical skills and knowledge, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unprepared for the competitive job market.

    Mind Body Co-op is offering an exciting internship opportunity for students or recent graduates to gain valuable experience in social media marketing within the mental health and wellness sector. This internship will provide you with the practical skills and knowledge you need to succeed in this growing industry. Don’t miss out on this chance to jumpstart your career in social media marketing. Apply now!


    Mind Body Co-op is a leading mental healthcare organization dedicated to promoting holistic well-being and providing accessible support services for individuals navigating mental health challenges. At Mind Body Co-op, we believe in the power of community, collaboration, and innovation to transform the landscape of mental healthcare and create positive change in people’s lives. As part of our commitment to advancing mental health advocacy and leveraging the potential of social media for positive impact, we are pleased to introduce our Social Media Marketing Internship Program.

    This internship program offers aspiring social media marketers the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, develop essential skills, and contribute to meaningful projects in the field of mental health advocacy. We are excited to welcome passionate and dedicated individuals to join us in our mission to create a more compassionate, inclusive, and supportive world for mental health. Through this unpaid Social Media Marketing Internship Program at Mind Body Co-op, interns will have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact while gaining valuable experience and skills in social media marketing and mental health advocacy. This program aims to provide students or recent graduates with valuable experience in digital marketing specifically within the mental health and wellness sector.  Interns will work closely with our marketing team to develop and implement social media strategies, create engaging content, and foster online communities focused on mental health support and awareness.


    The internship program begins June 4, 2024 and runs for a flexible duration of 3 to 6 months, depending on the availability and preference of the intern.


    This internship enables interns to work in-person at one of our Chicago office locations, remotely, or a hybrid combination of both.  We are committed to making a positive contribution to our community and local candidates are encouraged to apply.


    1. Collaborate with the marketing team to devise and execute social media strategies tailored to Mind Body Co-op’s mission of promoting mental health and wellness.
    2. Create compelling and empathetic content for various social medial platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok, to engage and educate our audience on mental health topics.
    3. Monitor social media channels for relevant conversations, trends, and news related to mental health, and actively participate in discussions to build community engagement.
    4. Develop and implement social media campaigns and initiatives aimed at destigmatizing mental health issues and promoting self-care practices.
    5. Respond to comments, messages, and inquiries from followers in a timely and supportive manner, fostering a safe and supportive online environment.
    6. Utilize social media analytics tools to track key performance metrics, analyze trends, and generate insights for optimizing content and strategies.
    7. Stay informed about emerging trends and best practices in mental health advocacy, social media marketing, and digital communication.


    1. Enrolled student in or recent graduate of marketing, communications, psychology, or related program with a strong interest in mental health and wellness.
    2. Solid understanding of social media platforms and their respective demographics, features, and best practices.
    3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to convey empathy and understanding in online interactions.
    4. Creative mindset with the ability to develop engaging content that resonates with diverse audiences.
    5. Empathetic and compassionate approach to discussing mental health topics and supporting online community members.
    6. Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple tasks effectively.
    7. Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively in a remote team environment.


    1. Valuable hands-on experience in social media marketing within the mental health and wellness sector.
    2. Flexible work arrangements to accommodate academic or other commitments.
    3. Mentorship and guidance to explore a variety of different assignments exposing you to new fields and cross-functional expertise from experienced professionals passionate about mental health advocacy.
    4. Opportunity to see the direct result of your work by leading projects, have your ideas heard, and contribute to meaningful campaigns and initiatives aimed at raising awareness and destigmatizing mental health issues.
    5. Potential for professional growth and networking opportunities within the mental health and marketing industries.

    How to Apply

    Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter outlining their relevant experience, skills, and motivation for applying to the Mind Body Co-op Social Media Marketing Internship Program.  Additionally, applicants may include any relevant social media profiles or portfolios demonstrating their creativity and proficiency in social media marketing.

    Please send applications to with the subject line “Social Media Marketing Internship Application – [Your Name]”.

    Application Deadline

    Applications are accepted through May 28, 2024.  Candidates are encouraged to apply early, as positions may be filled before the deadline.

    Additional Information

    Additional information pertaining to Mind Body Co-op’s Marketing Internship Program can be found online at

    NOTE: While this internship is unpaid, Mind Body Co-op is committed to providing interns with meaningful learning experiences and professional development opportunities.  We adhere to labor laws and regulations regarding internships and ensure that interns receive guidance and support throughout their tenure.