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  • LGBTQIA+ & Queer

    LGBTQIA+ & Queer

    Whether you’re exploring your identity or your sexuality, Mind Body Co-op offers a variety of services for the LGBTQIA+ & Queer community. Therapy to aid you on your journey to self-acceptance and empowerment. MBC believes that human gender identity and sexuality exist on a spectrum. It is valid to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or gender non-conforming or two-spirited, queer, questioning, or asexual. It is okay to be kinky or to have lesser-known sexual interests. These things are authentic and your authenticity is valid.

    If you are experiencing distress as a result of stigma, trauma, or societal oppression related to your sexual orientation or your gender identity, we’re here, we’re queer, and we’re ready to support and accept you. Mind Body Co-op believes the categories currently used to define gender identity and sexuality are ultimately constructed by systematic structures and can cause great harm to the individuals who reject them. We are proud to have queer and transgender/gender-non-conforming staff and are committed to serving our LGBTQ2IA+ community. 

    We provide:

    • Identity-affirming individual therapy: a safe place to examine your gender and/or sexuality, free from judgment with someone who truly understands you
    • Trauma therapy, including EMDR: support for survivors of identity-related violence, homophobia/queerphobia, transphobia, family or partner abuse, medical gaslighting/trauma, or systemic oppression
    • Group therapy: our Queer Teens Connection and Queer Connection groups are wonderful opportunities to build skills in community with like-minded peers, feel free to check out our groups here.
    • Gender-affirming medical treatment: Our psychiatric nurse practitioner, Dr. Luke Swift DNP, APN, PMHNP-BC, has completed post-doctoral certification in hormone replacement therapy for individuals who desire feminizing/masculinizing hormone therapy.

    Mind Body Co-op’s psychotherapists have experience working with diverse individuals from different backgrounds, religions, and cultures. Our psychotherapists appreciate the complexity of every individual. We approach and tailor treatment by building on the unique strengths and experiences of each person. With compassion and support, our psychotherapists integrate methodologies that complement the needs and goals of each individual. Reach out for support to start mapping your road to wellness today!