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  • Abigail Bautista, MEd

    Abigail Bautista, MEd

    Bilingual Psychotherapist

    You and your partner may find you are struggling to talk to each other, blaming each other or not feeling heard. You may feel like it is all your fault, afraid you are growing apart, or feeling like it is just not going to work out. This may lead to moments of feeling guilty about being misunderstood and seen as the bad person in the relationship. You might even be swinging back and forth between blame and guilt with your partner, possibly leaving you feeling unwanted, unattractive, or simply not good enough. You may begin to feel it is the end of the journey for you both, but you want to find a way to resolve these emotions.

    It is possible to mend your pain and find inner peace with yourself or relationship.

    I am dedicated to helping people find their sense of worth and belonging, as individuals and with those around them. As a first- generation Latina from the south side of Chicago, I have seen the difficulties and challenges that can occur when feeling unwanted and not good enough. Whether it is talking about yourself, a relationship, challenges, or struggles, I will walk the journey with you.

    Let’s explore now! Make an appointment here  or see the groups I currently leads here.

    I am a second-year graduate student in the MEd Program in Community Counseling at Loyola University Chicago. I have worked as a Program Assistant for Admissions and Staff Training for the Pre-College Summer Scholars Program at Loyola University of Chicago. Having worked in in student affairs, residence life, student interactions, and parent interactions, I have experienced many scenarios including students facing depressions, anxiety, grief, trauma, substance abuse, and sexual assault. During these situations, I have been able to listen to the students, speak to them about their emotions and feelings, and depending on the situation assist with action plans or referring to the counseling services. I am bilingual and provide counseling in English and Spanish.

    Pronouns – She/Her/Hers