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  • Asha (Ash) McClarence, LPN

    Asha (Ash) McClarence, LPN

    Portrait of Asha McClarence

    TMS Technician | Lead LPN

    Are you struggling with persistent and symptoms of anxiety, OCD, depression, or a general lack of motivation? Have you been seeking out some relief from feelings of hopelessness? Have you thought about holistic or alternative treatments?

    TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) is an alternative non-invasive treatment. The procedure uses targeted magnetic pulses to the brain. The stimulation to neurons in your brain, may potentially provide relief. There is hope. Take action, by allowing us to provide TMS services that may offer you a path to better outlook on life.

    My name is Ash, I have been an LPN since 2012. I love to help people, I’m a great listener, and I’m patient. I would love to support you on your journey with TMS, and better mental health!

    Pronouns – She/Her

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