Ashton Crain

Ashton Crain

Psychotherapy Intern

You may be remembering things that happened in your past.  Having these memories could be uncomfortable, you may feel like you are unable to control them, it may even leave you feeling unsafe.  You may not be able to help that they are coming up more and more often, leaving you afraid of the memory itself.  You may be afraid of telling other people and find yourself keeping distance from friends and family.  Possibly even feeling alone or lonely.

You are not alone.

I know what it is like to struggle.  I became a therapist because I know it is possible for others to find relief.  Through my own relationship with an excellent counselor, I was able to reach a place of healing after having difficult times.  Having gone through this experience has strengthened me as a counselor and helped me to truly understand what it is like to feel afraid, alone, or imperfect.  I have spent over two years learning and researching about the roots behind trauma and perfectionism.  It has inspired me to work closely with my clients to see or witness all that they are experiencing, taking into account difficulties from their past and how it has affected their behavior now.  I am dedicated to working together with my clients to help them figure out and recognize how to move past their suffering.  I ensure each client session is guided according to the pace that each person needs.  It is important to me that each client feels safe and supported.

You are resilient.  And having someone to sit with and guide you can make all the difference.  You deserve to be free and to live a more comfortable life.  I would be honored to witness your journey.

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My background is in maladaptive perfectionism research, trauma-informed care, and trauma-sensitive interviewing.  I am a Master’s in Counseling candidate at Northwestern University, and I received my Bachelor’s of Science with Honors in Psychology, from Georgia State University.  I have experience counseling individuals with eating disorder, trauma, attachment insecurities, and difficult life transitions.  As an intern at Mind Body Co-op, I offer individual therapy.

Preferred Pronouns – She/Her/Hers