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  • Brittany Parrinello, LCSW

    Brittany Parrinello, LCSW

    Associate Director of Training and Bilingual Psychotherapist – Français

    Do you have trouble saying what’s on your mind or sharing how you truly feel? Perhaps you want to protect those around you from the pain you are experiencing, or you fear they will judge you. You may even find that you are judging yourself.

    Maybe it is hard to pinpoint exactly where these feelings are coming from, or perhaps you find yourself avoiding thinking about a specific experience. If you continue to avoid thinking about and feeling your experiences, you could find yourself increasingly irritable and on edge or fatigued and shut down.

    When we are able to articulate our thoughts and feelings, it is possible not only to heal, but to thrive. In turn, our relationships, both with ourselves and others, improve. I became a therapist to provide a space for people to share their true thoughts and feelings, free from judgment. While living in Paris, France, for almost 8 years, I worked primarily with immigrant adults and families. I learned how important it is to reconnect with oneself and community in a new and changing environment. I believe being heard and feeling understood is central to our well-being and can lead to healing from the harmful effects of past events, relationships, and current challenges.

    As Associate Director of Training, my goal is to provide the next generation of psychotherapists with individual and group supervision that combines thorough case conceptualization, identification of the impact of culture on mental health, evidence-based interventions, and practice wisdom. Additionally, I aim to support the development of confidence in one’s clinical style and identity.

    I am prepared to walk alongside you on this journey. Let’s get started today! Make an appointment here or see the groups I currently lead here.I hold a Master of Arts degree from The University of Chicago’s School of Social Service Administration with a concentration in Clinical Social Work. Tailored to your needs, my therapeutic approach is informed by Strengths-based practice, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Relational therapy, Mindfulness as well as EMDR. I am currently working towards my certification in EMDR Therapy and healing trauma through EMDR with my clients. I am bilingual and provide therapy in both English and French.

    To learn more about Brittany’s capabilities, please see her French District profile here.

    Pronouns – she/her/ella