Dawn Butler, LMT

Somatic Bodyworker & Licensed Massage Therapist

Do you feel taking care of yourself is hard work? You may feel like life is happening to you, instead of for you. Unable to slow down, possibly feeling a bit empty inside, and not sure what is missing. This emptiness might leave you feeling tired all the time or you notice aches and pains in your body. Do you clench your fists or have stomach discomfort? You may feel soreness in your neck or tension in your shoulders? The tension could lead you to experiencing dizziness or even become chronic headaches? If this tension continues to build up in your body it could leave you feeling agitated, vulnerable, and disconnected.

In my healing journey, I became passionate about helping people experience relief from chronic stress and pain. I believe we all deserve an experience of safe healing touch and finding a realistic version of a balanced life. Together we will explore what your body seems to be saying through the patterns of tension you hold, and what support your body may need in the moment to feel safe and relaxed. I believe a holistic approach blending mindfulness, compassionate dialogue, bodywork, and spirituality can bring understanding and release inner tension.

Life can turn around, life can happen for you, there is support for you, things can get better. Together we can take the hard work out of caring for yourself. We all need support. With somatic bodywork sessions, I can help you slow down, create a sense of calm, leading you toward a vibrant and healthy life.

To be continued…