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  • Henna Lakhani, MEd, M.A.

    Henna Lakhani, MEd, M.A.


    Humans are social beings that are constantly oscillating between autonomy and dependence on others. Our relationship with ourselves impacts our relationships with others; our relationships with others impacts our relationships with ourselves. To live a life of joy and purpose, it is critical that we examine these relationships in the context of the socio-historical realities that we are facing and the realities our ancestors before us faced. Distress can come from many sources and manifest in our minds, bodies, and spirits; healing can also come from many sources to strengthen our minds, bodies, and spirits. 

    As a former science educator, the child of immigrants, and a woman of color, I hope to use the therapeutic alliance to support my clients in living a life of joy and purpose. By utilizing art, media, literature, insight building activities, mindfulness, cultural humility, and current research, I believe that everyone is capable of positive change and deserves the opportunity to live a life of peace. I provide services in English but can also work with clients who speak Urdu and English.

    I have a graduate degree from Johns Hopkins University’s Master of Science in Education program and The Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s Master of Counseling Psychology program. Over a decade of experience in child and adolescent development and partnering with parents and families to achieve ambitious goals to increase the quality of life of all involved has prepared me to provide high-quality care to a diverse population of clients. 

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    Pronouns – She/Her/Hers