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  • Isa Bogart, BA

    Isa Bogart, BA

    Supervised Psychotherapist

    First of all, congratulations and welcome! I hope you can take a moment to celebrate and thank yourself for showing up for yourself in this way. Reaching out for support and prioritizing your well-being isn’t always easy – I hope you’re proud of yourself. If you’ve found yourself here, maybe you are looking to try something new with your mental health and self-care. Maybe you are drawn to understanding deeper parts of yourself and are looking to peel back the layers of why you are who you are. Maybe you are looking to reclaim your life by unlearning harmful past scripts formed by trauma, upbringing, and society. Maybe you are looking to explore new or pre-existing identities that you hold. Perhaps you are looking to grow in self-compassion and want to honor and celebrate all parts of yourself. Whatever feelings and experiences have brought you here today, you are safe and seen here.

    I graduated from Stanford University with a BA in Political Science, and am currently a second-year Master’s Student at Northwestern University in Clinical Mental Health
    Counseling program. I am also a certified domestic violence and sexual violence counselor. Before starting my training as a counselor I worked in advocacy for survivors of sexual violence and relationship violence, as well as in sex education for teens and young adults, two things I am extremely passionate about. As a queer individual, I am passionate about working within the LGBTQ+ community and supporting individuals in navigating their queerness, relationships, and other identities.

    In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my community and loved ones, cuddling my cat, cooking delicious meals, rock climbing, and browsing local shops. I am a lover of horror movies,
    reality TV, tarot, astrology, and tattoos. I welcome you bringing your own interests into our therapy space!

    Together, we can build a space full of warmth, compassion, and authenticity that allows you to safely explore the patterns in your life that contribute to pain and distress. I am passionate about meeting you where you are at and creating an environment that is collaborative and resonates with your unique needs and life experiences. I promise to bring my authentic self with me into the therapy room and will support you in doing the same! By making room for your whole self without judgment, we will work through feelings of shame and work towards valuing your whole, genuine self.

    Pronouns: They/She

    Let’s get started – Make an appointment here or see the groups MBC currently offers here.