Jamie Elizabeth Klausing, RSME, RSMT, RMT

Jamie Elizabeth Klausing, RSME, RSMT, RMT

Director of Somatic Mindfulness Therapy, RSME, RSMT, RMT

It is not easy to understand and can be very uncomfortable living with negative thoughts, feelings or images you may have about your own body.  It can be tiring to have your mind racing with daily thoughts and concerns while your body feels nothing, totally disconnected, possibly even numb.  Your body may be operating on autopilot most of the time.  Or when you do find time and make efforts to move you find yourself lost in excessive thoughts, leaving you feeling more fatigue, more frustration and wondering if you will have enough energy to continue.  Continuing to feel disconnected during daily activities may even lead to feeling worse or bad about yourself and your body.

I believe the body is like a sponge absorbing and responding to the experiences we have, thoughts we think, words we say and the emotions we feel.  I became a somatic practitioner to help others explore and discover ways to listen to what their body is saying, sensing and feeling.  I wanted to help people recognize the relationship, both verbal and non-verbal, they have with their body and their energy.  I wanted to help people move their body, notice its patterns and listen to sensations; our internal experience rather than an external result or appearance.  I have come to understand, through over a two decades of working in the mind-body field, the importance of gentle encouragement and starting right where you are to slowly build a stronger mind body connection.

I understand how difficult it is to push the pause button on our overactive minds and pay attention to the toll it can have on our body.  I support my clients to find more ease, comfort and understanding between their mind and body.  I see somatic mindful movement as a process that empowers us to tap into our inner strength, discover our inner knowing and to live with more vitality.

If you are feeling out of balance, struggling in some way or simply wish to create a stronger relationship between your inner and outer world, perhaps it is the right time to connect for support.  I would be honored to be on the road to wellness with you.

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I received my BA from Michigan State University and have extensive experience as a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, Educator and Reiki Master Teacher.  I personalize each somatic session blending multiple movement and healing practices including; Reiki, neuromuscular integrative movement (Nia Technique, Inc), developmental movement repatterning (5-Stages of Healing), Trauma Treatment Using Nonverbal Play and Somatic Techniques.

Preferred Pronouns – She/Her/Hers