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  • Katrina LoBue, Ed.S, LCPC

    Katrina LoBue, Ed.S, LCPC


    In the current state of our world you may be noticing internal experiences which can feel overwhelming and exhausting. It is understandable if you are noticing yourself feeling disconnected from your life or even a heightened awareness of yourself or others around you. This can often lead to, but not limited to, isolation, using substances to numb or activate your emotions, becoming overly involved in tasks, or relying on behaviors of restriction or bingeing. Our minds and our bodies are working extremely hard to regulate and become accustomed to our current routines and oftentimes this can lead to burn-out. 

    I believe that in the midst of chaos healing is possible. 

    My own personal journey which led me to become the therapist I am today, incorporated hope being found within the both/and. Learning to co-exist within a world where control feels impossible, allowing myself to balance acceptance and change has resulted in overall empowerment. With a background in eating disorders along with trauma and other mood related disorders, I am passionate about leading others on the road towards empowerment and recovery. I desire within the therapeutic space to guide others into an increased mindful awareness of themselves and how they exist within this world, and ways to effectively move towards their intrinsic values. 

    Let’s explore now! Make an appointment here  or see the groups MBC currently offers here.

    I have a graduate degree from Loyola University Chicago in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and am working towards a certification as an Eating Disorder Specialist.  I have experience working in treatment centers in areas of eating disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, personality disorders, trauma, and substance use. 

    Pronouns — She/Her/Hers