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  • Kemal Yurtbilir

    Kemal Yurtbilir

    Psychotherapy Intern

    You might have been feeling like you cannot say ‘No’ to certain things, even though you feel that you should and deep down you want to. Given hurtful experiences, people and circumstances may seem like they will stay in your life forever. It may seem as if it will never stop, or that you can never stop it. Perhaps you feel powerless to change that thing or be free of it. Maybe a part, or all, of it started as a guilty pleasure, a bad habit, a small reaction to certain situations. Perhaps it was fine at first, then it got out of control, and now you don’t even know how you got here.

    Perhaps every now and then, possibly now, you get a feeling of how your life was like, before it all started. Or maybe this is all you know; yet every now and then you get a glimpse of how your life can be like. Perhaps this happens at the lowest of your lows or in simple joyous moments in your life.

    Whatever brought you here, you don’t have to feel stuck with it. You can reclaim your voice, your seat at the table. It can be your choice to leave or stand your ground.

    My own journey of recovery from emotional wounds has not followed a straight lie. My own life experiences have taught me change is possible and hope is there. It would be my honor to help you get there, create change and find hope. 

    In therapy, I value allowing people to take space and connect with their voice. I believe and have experienced that the intersection of our identities and various social systems play a large part in how we do this and exist in the world we experience.

    Let’s explore now! Make an appointment here  or see the groups MBC currently offers here.


    I am a graduate student of clinical mental health at Northwestern University. There, I study and have practiced psychotherapy at The Family Institute. I also am a part of Perfectly Imperfect Lab, where I have been studying the interactions between perfectionism, trauma, professional life and mental health. My prior experiences in the mental health community also include facilitating long term skills and process groups.