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  • Sandy Parker, AAB, BSHRM

    Sandy Parker, AAB, BSHRM

    Smiling HR team member at Mind Body Co-op

    I joined Mind Body Co-op (MBC) in 2022 as the Human Resources Manager.  I am a graduate of Southwestern College where I majored in Human Resource Management and Baker University where I majored in Business. My current home is with my family of four located in the Greater Wichita region of Kansas.

    Prior to Mind Body Co-op, I specialized in Organizational Development and represented Human Resources Talent Management at one of the fastest-growing higher-education research institutions in the country.  During my tenure there, I helped the company grow their employee orientation, recognition, development programs, website, and strategic communications.  I was an active member of committees dedicated to university strengths initiatives, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and served time as a board member for their women’s council.  From Hollywood, California to Wichita, Kansas and now Chicago, Illinois; I’ve been blessed with a multitude of interesting professional opportunities.  Throughout my entire career, I’ve provided services to small privately-owned companies and large international corporations administering professional support in a multitude of industries including entertainment, property management, higher education, hospitality, and healthcare.

    I’m grateful to have this opportunity to work at a company that has a culture of allowing their employees to be their authentic and best self.  As a neurodivergent mother of young children, I enjoy the flexibility, understanding, and support given to allow MBC employees to capitalize on their individual talents and strengths to work how they work best. An advocate for education and wellness, my personal values and interests align well with Mind Body Co-op’s innovative mission, vision, and values.

    My belief is that everyone is a part of something larger and that we are all connected.  I consider myself a lifetime learner of understanding people, myself included, to help realize the individual unique talents and gifts we can contribute by accessing our best selves in order to make the world a better place. Always drawn to positive psychology, some of my favorite subjects of study include Gretchin Rubin’s Four Tendencies, Meyers-Briggs, and CliftonStrengths.  I have a rebel tendency, I’m an INFP, and my top 5 strengths are: Empathy, Connectedness, Intellection, Positivity, and Maximizer.

    Pronouns – she/her/hers