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  • Sue Cook, MS, MSW, L.Ac., LSW

    Sue Cook, MS, MSW, L.Ac., LSW

    Psychotherapist & Acupuncturist

    Hi, I’m Sue! I have a Master’s degree in Traditional East Asian Medicine from Pacific College of Health and Science and a Master’s in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago. I have been in practice as an acupuncturist for the last eight years and recently became a licensed social worker. My approach as a therapist has been heavily influenced by my work in Traditional East Asian Medicine. I am currently working towards my certification in EMDR Therapy and am excited to be healing trauma through EMDR with my clients. I offer client-centered compassion-based therapy that incorporates methods such as CBT, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, executive function coaching, and narrative therapy. I also enjoy incorporating spiritual and energetic practices such as loving-kindness meditation, tai ji and qigong into my therapy sessions.

    I believe it is a gift to be able to support my clients in their journey to reconciling and healing their body and mind. As an integrative practitioner, I have worked extensively with trauma survivors, people with chronic illnesses and pain, and LGBTQ2IA emerging adults.  I am proud to be queer, agender, disabled, and neurodivergent- all of these things are just part of normal human variation! I am sex/kink/polyamory-positive, body-neutral, and sex-worker affirming. I strive to acknowledge and to combat the systemic impact of White supremacy, including its relationship to fatphobia, transphobia, and ableism.

    I use my own personal experiences dealing with chronic pain and trauma to fuel my compassionate, common-sense approach to treating my clients. My specialties and current interests include neurodiversity, chronic pain and illness, trauma recovery, depression and anxiety, body-image and self-esteem, IBS, and autoimmune diseases. I am honored to be working with such a skilled and thoughtful team of healers! I believe that trauma is a story that is written on both the body and mind; it is important to bring the body back to a place of safety in order for the mind to recover. I am so excited to be able to be part of a group that recognizes the importance of a holistic approach to trauma recovery.

    Fun fact about me: I am an avid tabletop and video gamer in addition to being a huge Great British Bake Off fan. I love making a giant mess in my kitchen while attempting super complicated bakes! I also love to cook, garden, and read under a blanket pile with my cat.

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    Pronouns – they/them

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