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  • TK Hays, RN

    TK Hays, RN

    Supervised Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

    I am passionate about helping people create the worlds they long to live in and ultimately embody their most joyous lives. My approach integrates my core beliefs that struggling individuals are not “broken” and that healing is a process of coming home to oneself again. As part of a holistic healing toolkit, I integrate medication and therapy and strive to help each individual find what works for them.

    Over seven years as an inpatient neurology and community mental health nurse, I’ve worked with people facing severe mental illness, institutionalization, poverty, housing instability, and substance use disorders. During those seven years, I received my Master of Science in Nursing from Rush University. Now, as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner candidate, I hope to deepen my understanding of how colonialism, capitalism, patriarchy, policing, and white supremacy intersect to affect individual and collective mental health in dynamic and often insidious ways. In all my professional roles, I strive toward abolition and building robust communities where people can flourish.

    As a queer person, I have a special interest in helping members of the LGBTQIA+ community navigate their queerness and identities. My practice is gender, poly, and kink-affirming. I treat people of all ages and have experience with clients who have mood and anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, trauma disorders, OCD, and ADHD.

    In my free time, I collect hobbies, including rock climbing, pickleball, knitting, ceramics, traveling, hanging out in the woods, cooking, baking, and spending time with loved ones. Through my personal experiences and my training as a  mental health nurse practitioner, I believe that the true magic of healing happens together, in relationships and community. I am honored to participate in that journey alongside my clients.

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