Tobi Ballantine, LCSW

Tobi Ballantine, LCSW

Bilingual Psychotherapist

Do you ever feel like people just don’t understand you?  Maybe you have feelings that are really intense, or you’re just sleepy all the time.  Are you feeling like you are different or trying to figure out who you are?  Are theses feelings and thoughts weighing down on you so heavily that you have started to question where you fit in or see yourself in the world?

I wanted to become a therapist because I believe it is crucial for people, especially teenagers, to feel seen.  I want to help people not only feel seen, but heard and understood.  I to find coping skills that work well for you, but more importantly, we work together on figuring out how to help you feel like you do belong.   I have worked with adolescents for several years and with a background in residential programs, Adventure Therapy and comedy improv, I am equipped to meet your needs in a creative way that offers a unique experience in addition to traditional therapy.

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I have worked closely with my client’s schools, with DCFS, and have done family counseling.  From my background working with different systems of care, I have learned the important role that each piece plays, and am able to support you in whatever situation you are in.  Additionally, I grew up in the Dominican Republic, allowing me to offer services in both Spanish and English.

Preferred Pronouns – They/Them/Their