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  • Tobi Wyld, LCSW

    Tobi Wyld, LCSW

    Clinical Director & Bilingual Psychotherapist

    Do you ever feel like people just don’t understand you? Maybe you have feelings that are really intense, or you’re just sleepy all the time. Are you feeling like you are different or trying to figure out who you are? Are these feelings and thoughts weighing down on you so heavily that you have started to question where you fit in or see yourself in the world? No matter where you are at, we can navigate to where you want to be.

    I am the Clinical Director for Mind Body Co-Op and serve as the senior clinical practitioner; I oversee and guide all Behavioral Health Interventions at MBC to provide exceptional wraparound care. I offer individual psychotherapy, facilitate group and family therapy, and am currently providing EMDR for my clients while working towards an EMDR certification. I became a therapist because I have a passion for helping others feel understood in a genuine, meaningful way.

    After receiving my Master’s of Social Work from University of Illinois at Chicago in 2017, I worked with adolescents in residential programs, Adventure Therapy, comedy improv, and community based counseling. Having spent most of my childhood in the Dominican Republic, I am bilingual and can offer services in both Spanish and English. My specialty is working with queer people and queer youth; as a bisexual non-binary person, I have a deep understanding of the emotions that coinside with coming out, being queer, and understanding sexual identity. Additionally, I understand the distinct pressures, conflicting feelings, and complicated traumas that come with being a person of faith, both present and former. I incorporate professional experience with my personal history to relate to my clients, provide insight, and support them in their specific situation. As your therapist I’ll meet you where you’re at with a warm, open approach to help you find and utilize coping skills that will help you navigate the world in a healthy, grounded way.

    Let’s get to know you better! Make an appointment here, or see the groups I currently lead here.

    Pronouns – They/Them/Their