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  • Wesley White

    Wesley White

    Psychotherapy Intern

    Hello! If you found yourself here, you might be feeling lost, overwhelmed, or burnt out. Or maybe you are just wondering if this whole therapy thing is really for you. That’s ok too. 

    Maybe you’ve been thinking about reaching out for help for a long time, or maybe you just started this journey today. Whatever stage you find yourself at, I’m glad you’re here. You’re in the right place, and you don’t need to handle it on your own anymore. 

    As your therapist, you can consider me your partner in growth. My goal is to help you break through the things holding you back from finding the joy and purpose we all deserve in life. 

    As a clinician in training and former crisis counselor, I will bring empathy, radical compassion, non-judgement, and a touch of humor to our sessions. Together we will navigate you through anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, or anything else coming up in your life. It’s ok if you don’t already know what’s wrong – we’ll figure it out together and find a path toward lasting change. 

    Let’s work together to get you to a better place. Make an appointment here  

    When not working as a therapist, I can be found biking around Chicago, traveling to new places, and spending time in nature. Prior to entering my Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree at Adler University, I spent 8 years working in Sales and Marketing roles in the technology industry. I hold a degree in International and Global Studies from Sewanee: The University of the South and am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sport Medicine and a certified breathing coach through The Yoga Teacher’s College. Hear more from Wes.

    Pronouns – He/Him/His